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new books for kids are HERE!
Thanks to a wonderful private GRANT the library has added over 2100 new books for kids! We will be adding more books each month. Come on by and check them out. Also, take a look at the videos posted on our facebook page. They are showcasing the new arrivals.
Summer program TOP READERS!
Jack Graham is the first place top reader! He has earned 2 free mini-pizzas/drinks, 2 $5 Dollar General cards, and 2 free passes to Sun-N-Fun!
Moses Lunsford is the 2nd place top reader! He has earned 2 free mini-pizza/drinks and 2 free admission passes to Sun-N-Fun!
It is here!

Copy two face-up, full-color pages with a single touch

Create full color electronic images and/or paper copies

Review electronic images before saving or printing copies

Collate by dragging images into proper order with your fingertip

Select file formats such as PDF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, even MP3 (audio)

Simply place your smart device on KIC's optional
SmartDock and withjust two touches, you are ready for very high-speed transfer.

Sending scanned images via email is also fast and easy with hot-keysthat are pre-programmed with your institution's base email address.

Output to Google Docs / Google Apps for Education and other cloud-based tools can also be simplified with pre-programmed hot-keys.

Insert a USB flash memory device and KIC auto-selects USB output.